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Increasing Sustainable Energy in the Long-Term Energy Plan - Part 2
Thursday, October 17, 2013 from 10:00am - 12:00pm (EDT)


Online webinar.
Access details provided upon registration.

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OSEA Long-Term Energy Plan Webinar Series

Join us on October 17th for the second part of our discussion on the expanding role of sustainable energy in Ontario. 

  • Can we expand the energy portfolio and what should be in it?
  • Will more sustainable energy increase reliability and energy security?
  • How can we deliver maximum value through well-managed costs?
  • What should the role of municipalities, community groups and First Nations be in the energy system going forward?
  • Should we be locking into particular options?
  • How can we influence the current political decision making process?

The Ministry has received its final submissions and completed its formal consultation process but is still listening to our suggestions.  Our ideas will help shape our future energy system. We want to hear from you!  Join OSEA and a panel of distinguished sector leaders as we discuss the status quo and the development of a collaborative vision for a cheaper, firm portfolio of sustainable energy to heat, cool, power and move Ontario into prosperity.


  • Robert Hornung, President, Canadian Wind Energy Association
  • John Gorman, Executive Director, Canadian Solar Industry Association
  • John Hawkes, Chair, Canadian Biogas Association, President & CEO, Angus Power
  • Søren Hermansen, Director, Samso Energy Academy
  • Dawn Lambe, Project Manager, Biomass Innovation Centre
  • Jan Buijk, President & CEO, European Power Systems Ltd.

Sponsored by

Biomass Innovation Centre  EPS | AB Energy Canada Ltd.


The Ministry of Energy's re-evaluation of Ontario's Long-Term Energy Plan opens the door for a valuable discussion on the transition of Ontario's energy economy to a more sustainable and integrated system.  Subsequent announcements that refurbishment and the associated costs of its nuclear facilities are under review highlights the further need for conservation, renewable energy, district energy, CHP and storage to play a more prominent role in Ontario's energy future.

The Government of Ontario's Long-Term Energy Plan update is critical as it will define a path for community-driven or provincially-driven energy planning and whether thermal, electricity and transportation planning will be deployed in an integrated centralized or distributed way. It will also lay out the path for conservation and efficiency initiatives, energy procurement, the deployment of the smart grid, and infrastructure development. These decisions will decide development over the next four to five years and impact the energy system for the next 20 years. October's webinar will address the question of whether sustainable energy can take on a greater role in Ontario's energy system.

Questions to be raised include:

  • What are the global trends in energy generation and conservation?
  • What do we mean by the integration of thermal energy and electricity?
  • Is a centralized or decentralized system better? Why?
  • Does the province have the information needed to make an informed decision?
  • What do realistic projections look like?
  • What are our real options?
  • What are the sharpest minds saying globally?
  • What would a portfolio of cheaper, firm sustainable energy look like?
  • How can we tackle surplus base-load and the pending supply cliff?
  • Should we be planning to meet our thermal, transportation and electrical needs in an integrated way?
  • Can we secure more benefits for Ontarians and who will get them?
  • What impact will more sustainable energy generation have on new and emerging technologies and infrastructure?
  • What are the technical requirements of increasing the amount of sustainable energy generation?
  • What policy decisions must be made in order to accommodate more sustainable energy in Ontario?
  • What are the economic impacts of increasing the amount of sustainable energy generation?
  • What role should community and regional planning have in shaping the LTEP?
  • How do public-private partnerships play a role in new generation projects in Ontario's LTEP?

Audience:  Manufacturers, developers (on-grid, micro-grid and off-grid), labour, all political parties, municipalities, industry associations, government employees related to the sector, boards of education, students, conservation, CHP, storage, nuclear, gas and renewable energy stakeholders and advocates.

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