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Financial Post - Denmark a global leader in wind power

The secret of Denmark's success is community power: A staggering 65% of wind power projects in the country are owned by farmers, and another 24% owned by communities. The simple principal that allowed Denmark to create the wind market is that when people are involved in the decisions that affect their community, they are committed to the outcome and the placement of wind projects in their towns and villages. It's a powerful form of community economic development -- local ownership means that the profits remain in the community.

Canada has one of the best profiles for wind power of any country in the world. P.E.I. produces 15% of the province's electricity from wind, and the provincial government wants to double that by 2013 as well as export power to the North Eastern United States.

Canada has the opportunity to become a world leader in wind power. The Danish lesson is that community involvement and ownership drives uptake.

If you're interested in learning more, the Ontario Sustainability Energy Association is having its first ever community power conference in Toronto Nov. 15 and 16.
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