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OSEA is a respected advocate, facilitator and business catalyst bringing the public, commercial and community sustainable energy sector and their supporters together to address emerging trends and the development of healthy, prosperous and ecologically sustainable communities across Ontario.

OSEA’s vision is of a prosperous Ontario with a thriving sustainable energy sector, good jobs, resilient communities and healthy environments powered, heated, cooled and moved by portfolios of sustainable energy.

OSEA’s mission is to advance the association’s vision by raising public awareness, advising decision makers and establishing forums for new market opportunities and collaboration. 

What is Sustainable Energy?

Sustainable energy involves the effective and efficient production and use of energy from various distributed sources matched in scale and quality to the end use.  Proponents of sustainable energy recognize that energy is a means to an end, not the end itself.  Sustainable energy is about producing and using energy in a way that meets our needs and improves the quality of our lives while also ensuring that the ecological system that sustains us, our economy and society is healthy and capable of supporting future generations at a similar level long into the future.

Membership is open to all individuals and organizations that support OSEA’s values, vision, and mission upon approval by the membership committee.

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Membership Services

Your annual membership fee is an investment that enables OSEA to undertake research and champion consistent and supportive political and regulatory environment necessary for the sustainable energy sector to thrive. For over fifteen years, OSEA has been advocating progressive and inclusive energy policies that are based on international best practices.

Successes to date include:

·         The creation of the feed-in tariff programs

·         The campaign for the Green Energy and Green Economy Act

·         The creation of the Community, Aboriginal and Municipal Energy Partnership programs

·         The aboriginal loan guarantee program

·         Creation of the Community Power Fund

·         The Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program

OSEA holds regular policy meetings and engages its members on relevant issues in working groups and subcommittees. OSEA holds monthly networking events in several communities across the province in collaboration with its members and organizes an annual fundraising dinner to provide its members and the larger OSEA community of supporters with opportunities to network, celebrate, learn, and build new relationships.

Benefits of membership:

Raise public and political awareness and build support for a sustainable energy economy, laying the groundwork for a flourishing environment that supports the development of sustainable energy projects throughout the Province.

Engage in committees and working groups to impact and shape Ontario’s energy system

Network within the OSEA network of industry partners and community stakeholders, to collaborate on new ventures

Attend informative OSEA events and receive discounts on services and events hosted by OSEA’s partners

Get listed in OSEA’s online membership directory

Run and vote for the board and vote on decisions of the organization

Align your company with an Association that is advocating for a more sustainable Province with Good Jobs, Resilient Communities, and Healthy Environments

Additional Benefits for Enablers Members:

Company Logo & Hotlink on OSEA’s Homepage

2 VIP Tickets to OSEA’s annual Powering Prosperity Awards Dinner

All membership applications are subject to approval of the membership committee. There are three methods to pay membership fees: a) by credit card payment (please complete Step 3) b) by cheque, made payable to ‘Ontario Sustainable Energy Association’ and c) online at, under ‘Join us’. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted.  

Membership Levels (Please select one):

  • Friend Member (for Individuals) ________________________________________________$100
  • Friend Member (for Students and Seniors 65+) ____________________________________$50      
  • Supporter (for Organizations):
    • Emerging Community Groups & Start-up Businesses__________________________$500
    • Established Community Groups, Non-Profits, 
      Municipalities & Small Businesses (up to 5 staff members) _____________________$1,000
    • Businesses (for profit – more than 5 staff persons) ___________________________$2,000
  • Enabler Member (for Benefactors who wish to go above and beyond 
    to support the needs of the organization)_________________________________________$5,000

Please note: Membership fees are collected annually. The renewal date is the date on which the individual/organization joined the membership. Taxes are applicable and not include in the above listed fees. 

NEW! OSEA Membership Referral Program 

OSEA is offering a new membership referral program to help strengthen our collaborative efforts to advocate for sustainable energy solutions in Ontario. OSEA is supported by membership engagement and fees to carry out its mission. 

If you know of an individual, organization or business that would be interested in joining OSEA, we will recognize your support with up to 10% off your next membership renewal.

The following conditions apply:

3% off your membership for recruiting an individual member
5% off your membership for recruiting a non-profit, community or sole proprietor Supporter member
10% off your membership for recruiting a for-profit Supporter member or an Enabler member

NEWBNDC/OSEA Membership Discount Offer

If you are currently a member of the Biomass North Development Centre (BNDC), you are eligible to receive 25% off an OSEA membership.

If you are currently an OSEA member, you are eligible to receive 25% off a Biomass North Development Centre membership. 

Contact the office to apply. 

Download the Membership Application Form or Sign up Online by selecting one of the following:

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