Net Metering Working Group

Chair: Jeremy De Sota

This working group works on policy and regulation regarding net metering, self-consumption, virtual net metering and 3rd party ownership for a broader, cost-effective, and efficient adoption of renewable technologies in the province of Ontario. 

View to Working Groups Past Submission to the Ontario Government:

[New!] MOE Questionnaire NET Metering - OSEA Reply



Ontario Net Metering Regulation (O. Reg. 541/05: NET METERING)

Net Metering Webinar Presentation - Third Party Ownership and Virtual Net Metering (Source: Ministry of Energy)

Net Metering - Part 2 - Webinar FAQ (Source: Ministry of Energy)

Working Group Members & Bios:

Jeremy De Sota (Chair), President & CEO, EthoEnergy - Jeremy has been involved in the renewable energy sector for 9 yrs and has directly developed over 25MW of solar in Canada and the NE US. EthoEnergy has established itself as a market leader in providing turn key solutions to home owners and businesses alike, helping them put over $10 million per year back in their pocket collectively. EthoEnergy continues to provide world class service and it does this through focusing on their Ethos - Educate first, be Transparent/build Trust, be Honourable, be Organized, and help them Save(also known as Sign 'em up!). 

Before co-Founding EthoEnergy, Jeremy spent 10 yrs in the custom design and build industry and is passionate about seeing renewable energy, sustainability, and building design come together to help build stronger, healthier, more cost effective communities for every Canadian.

Janice Ashworth, General Manager, Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative - Janice has been with OREC since 2011 and has been working in renewable energy for a decade. She co-ordinated the Nova Scotia Sustainable Electricity Alliance and worked in wind power with the community-owned Colchester-Cumberland Windfield. Her non-profit experience includes community organizing for Ecology Ottawa and promoting solar energy with the Ecology Action Centre. Janice has a Master’s in Environmental Studies from Dalhousie University with a focus on community power structures and policies. Janice sits on the Sustainability Committee of the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce and the Board of the Ontario Federation of Community Power Co-operatives.

James Calnan, Icarus Power

Brooke Hayward, Brant Renewable Energy

Shane Mulligan, LIFE Co-operative

Newton Alex Peres, Boreal Solar

Simon Rowland, Renewable Power Co-operative

Tim Short, Enbridge Gas Distribution

Robert Spencer, Beach Community Energy Co-operative

Frank VaraoManager, Renewable Generation Projects, Alectra Energy Solutions - Frank transitioned to the energy sector in 2010, joining PowerStream Inc. as Manager, Renewable Generation Projects. He has managed the engineering and construction of 33 solar FIT projects, and performed business development activities in 2016 aimed at acquiring additional solar FIT projects.

Frank is a management professional with over 30 years of experience in the Technology and Construction sectors and has spent the last 20 years in direct management, and project management roles. Frank is a Certified Engineering Technician (C.Tech.) and is designated as a Project Management Professional (PMP).

Frank has contributed to the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) by serving on the “Solar Friendly Building Code Forum” and on the “FIT 5 Forum”. Frank currently serves on the Ontario Building Code Technical Advisory Council for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).

Dave Wall, Community Renewable Energy Waterloo

Brad Westcott, EthoEnergy 

Janis Wilkinson, Polaron Solar Tech (Staff)

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