GEDO - Green Energy Doors Open

September 28th, 2022

Part I of GEDO™ 2022, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Welcome Remarks from Dan Goldberger, Chair, OSEA on GEDO™ 2022

Land Acknowledgement and Agenda Review

Keynote Speaker: David Miller, C-40 – Regional Rep North America

TOPIC: The State of Municipal Concern over Climate Change and Municipal Response

Megan Meaney, Executive Director, ICLEI and Adlar Gross, Climate Change Program Officer, ICLEI

Success Stories using the Municipal Inventory Tool).

Short Break (5 min)

Presentations on Utility support for Community Programs to achieve Net Zero:

  • Chris Hamilton, Supervisor, Municipal Energy Solutions, ENBRIDGE
  • Vicki Gagnon, MBA, CEM, CMVP, LEED Green Assoc., Business Advisor, Public Sector & Agriculture Planning, Conservation and Resource Adequacy, IESO

Panel on Municipal and Community Success Stories: plus Q&A

Moderator: Marianne Griffith, Director of Programs, London Environmental Network

(Each Municipality / Community has 5 Min each plus 15 Min of Q&A)

Conclusion/Adjourn (3-5 Mins) - Dan Goldberger, Chairman of OSEA

Bio Break (5 min)

Part II of GEDO™ 2022, from 12:05 pm to 2:05 pm

Welcome: OSEA & Partners, Dan Goldberger, Chairman, OSEA

The Accelerator Centre:  Leanne Henderson, Director, Programs & Client Experience on AC's Programming and Opportunities in the Clean Economy

CENTENNIAL COLLEGE Research Office Initiatives & Current Projects, Eric Blaise, Director Applied Research, ARIES And Sandra Munoz, Project Manager, Energy, ARIES


  • Carbon Accounting/Carbon Offsets
  • Energy Efficiency and Grid Firming
  • Carbon Free Technologies
  • Energy Storage and AI
  • Green Buildings
  • Renewable Energy
  • Smart Buildings
  • Transportation
  • Waste to Energy




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