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Dan has over 34 years of diverse professional experience in banking, real estate development, energy efficiency, electricity issues management, and natural gas R&D and recently in developing Energy Storage & Geothermal energy projects.

Today, Dan is CEO of Perpetual Energy Solutions Corp., a company creating a unique "turnkey service” offering for Energy Storage Services and GSHP installations in the IC&I sector.

Dan began his career with the CIBC in New York City from 1984-89. He retuned to Toronto to focus on commercial real estate development from 1989-1992. Dan then was hired as the Director of Green Buildings for the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives from 1992-97, where he also served on the Board of Directors of the Toronto District Heating Corp. (now “Enwave”) while supporting Toronto's Deep Lake Water Cooling project. From mid-1997-2012, Dan worked as a Senior Advisor to the Canadian Electricity Association where he addressed a wide range of strategic electric utility issues. In 2012, Dan was appointed Executive Director of Energy Technology & Innovation Canada, a Canadian Gas Association initiative specializing in gas utility technology R&D and project management. While at ETIC, Dan oversaw approximately 30 natural gas innovation projects totaling over $17M, and helped to create a $30M pre-commercial SDTC-CGA gas technology fund.

Dan holds an Honours BA from York University in Toronto, a Masters Degree in International Affairs specializing in International Finance, from Columbia University in New York City, and a Diploma in Real Estate Finance, New York University.
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