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Wasser Resources Inc.
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Technology development, distribution and integration company offering some of the most advanced building and energy technologies available on the market.
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Wasser Resources Inc. develops, commercializes and distributes innovative energy conservation, renewable green energy and green smart building products, technologies and services. We helped launch and grow a wide range of technologies including:

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems
Entrance Door Air Curtains
Hydro Electric - Ocean Wave Power
Hydro Electric Power - Run of River
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies
Power Quality Analysis & Remediation
Smart LED Lighting Systems
Solar Photovolaics - Building Integrated
Solar Thermal Hot Water
Nanotech Solar Window Coatings & Film
Thermal Insulating Paints
Verical Indoor Aquaponic Systems
Wireless Retrolfit Building Control Systems

Leon is a veteran environmental leader:
Worked for Petrosol, Canada's first solar energy Canada
Worked for Canada's first environmental consulting engineers
Implemented environmental programs at York University:
- Canada’s largest non-municipal recycling program
- Organized campus-wide light pollution mitigation program
- Organized campus-wide port-a-mug for Glendon College
- Organized green residence students tote bag for York Campus
- Chaired Presidential Advisory Committee on Transportation
- Co-Authored York University Green Transportation Plan

Leon serves on the following boards:
- Ontario Sustainable Energy, Policy & Advocacy Vice-Chair
- Hydrogen Business Council of Canada, Advocacy & Membership Advisor
- Professional Engineers of Ontario, Toronto Humber Chapter, Advocacy Vice-Chair
- Professional Engineers of Ontario Foundation for Education, Board Member
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