Who is OSEA?

For over fifteen years, the Ontario Sustainability Energy Association (OSEA) has been championing a more sustainable energy economy in the province and has led the charge for sector transformation, garnering support from diverse areas of the energy industry. An Ontario powered, heated, cooled and transported by a portfolio of sustainable energy – that is what OSEA envisions for our current and future communities, and we are advocating for policy and regulatory change to ensure this vision comes to fruition. With our track record, we have the proof, the courage, and the drive to create a more sustainable Ontario and we know that together we are powering Ontario’s prosperity, creating good jobs, fortifying resilient communities, and enabling healthy environments.


To cultivate a sustainable future in Ontario through environmental stewardship, economic development, and social reform.


Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) advocates for its members and the public to provide education and promote sustainable energy initiatives through policy development, business collaboration, and public awareness campaigns.

OSEA’s new Core Goals include the following areas;

  • Indigenous Engagement
  • A Northern Ontario Community Focus
  • Exporting Ontario’s sustainable and energy expertise
  • Carbon Pricing
  • Advocacy and Policy Advice to Provincial Parties

Who does OSEA represent?

OSEA serves as an advocate, network and capacity builder for individuals, manufacturers, installers, builders, developers, municipalities, First Nations, unions, farmers, co-operatives, NGO’s, associations and other organizations supportive of, and engaged in, the full portfolio of sustainability energy solutions.

Who does OSEA work with?

Our partners include likely and unlikely allies who want to be part of OSEA's collaborative efforts to grow the pie for all Ontarians creating a more sustainable province and who want to help tackle the root causes of social friction during the energy transition to a portfolio of 100% sustainable energy.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability refers to meeting our own needs and improving the quality of our lives while ensuring the ecological system that sustains us is healthy and capable of supporting future generations.

What is sustainable energy?

Sustainable energy involves the effective and efficient production and use of energy from various distributed sources matched in scale and quality to the end use.  Proponents of sustainable energy recognize that energy is a means to an end, not the end itself.  Sustainable energy is about producing and using energy in a way that meets our needs and improves the quality of our lives while also ensuring that the ecological system that sustains us, our economy and society is healthy and capable of supporting future generations at a similar level long into the future.

What is included in the portfolio of sustainable energy?

  1. Conservation, energy efficiency and demand management
  2. Renewable heat and electricity generation
  3. High efficiency Combined heat and power (CHP) and district energy
  4. Energy storage
  5. Green buildings
  6. Smart-grids
  7. Transportation that is powered by hydrogen, electricity, human or animal
  8. energy, and other non-fossil fuels
  9. Community, public and commercial ownership of these structure

Association Bylaws

OSEA current by-laws were last ratified March 31, 2016 Download: OSEA By-laws (PDF)

Logo Use Policy

Members of OSEA may request the use of our logos.

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