OSEA advocates on behalf of its members for a prosperous Ontario with a thriving sustainable energy sector, good jobs, resilient communities and healthy environments powered, heated, cooled, and moved by portfolios of sustainable energy. 

Our collaborative approach and ground breaking work on policy and regulatory best practices has resulted in successes that include:

  • OSEA initiated and led the highly successful campaign for a Green Energy Act for Ontario, which was passed in May 2009.
  • OSEA was also instrumental in the introduction in 2004 of the Renewable Standard Offer Program, the precursor to the current feed-in tariff program offered by the Ontario Power Authority
OSEA advocates community ownership of clean, green power

As an advocate of sustainable, clean energy generated and owned by communities throughout Ontario, OSEA acts on behalf of all residents of the province who want to breathe clean air and protect the environment. OSEA does this by educating people about the benefits of community power - skilled jobs, a source of local revenue and a reduction of greenhouse gases - and encourages to become actively involved by establishing or joining community power groups or working with their municipality or economic development organization. OSEA also advocates government policies and programs that will advance the generation of sustainable energy and resolve the administrative and regulatory hurdles that are obstructing the development of community-owned sustainable energy projects.

Funding and Financing

The Green Energy Act

On this front, OSEA has been extremely successful with the passage in 2009 of Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act. As a founding member of the Green Energy Act Alliance, OSEA played a major role in the creation of this legislation, which, with its program of advanced feed-in tariffs, is the most progressive in North America.

Feed-in Tariffs

In its campaign for a Green Energy Act, OSEA pushed hard for a system of feed-in tariffs. These premium prices for renewable energy are credited with spurring the rapid deployment of renewable energy in Europe. Characterized as the best mechanism for combating climate change, feed-in tariffs act as financial incentives for everyone to produce electricity from green energies such as solar, wind, biogas and run-of-the-river hydro power plants that is fed into the provincial electricity grid.

Transmission / Distribution

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