Introductory Smart Building Technologies

  • 23 Sep 2021
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


New technologies are being used to manage and optimize an increasing range of operations in buildings of all sizes and types. Once limited to only the largest and most complex of buildings, new and innovative technologies are being applied to a wide range of building functions, especially those related to power consumption.

Resilient World Institute is pleased to offer two new one day smart building courses. E109 Introductory Smart Building Technologies will introduce students to building automation fundamentals including types of systems, communication protocols and integration. It will provide an overview of the design and implementation process for Building Automation Systems (BAS) leading to an understanding of what to include, life cycle economics for each system and utility incentives that may be available. Other topics to be covered include emerging applications such as:

  • Human Machine Interface, Remote Access, Fault Detection
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Emerging Energy Conservation and Indoor Environmental Strategies
  • Reference codes and standards and rating systems applicable to BAS

In our E209 Advanced Smart Building Technologies the following additional topics will be covered:

  • What are the new building automation systems, programs and features post pandemic and with the new generation of occupants
  • How do these new systems contribute to green, energy efficient and sustainable building objectives?
  • Overview of the design and implementation process for making Smart Buildings
  • Understanding what to include life cycle economics for these additional building automation (BAS) applications and systems
  • Emerging Applications – Digital Twins, Way Finding, Renewable Energy, Indoor Environmental Quality, Remote and Hybrid Work
  • Smart Building Certification programs and rating systems


Course Instructor: David Katz MBA, Manager and co-developer of the Building Intelligence Quotient rating program, Ambassador Speaker for Continental Automated Building Association Full Bio

Register for E109 Introductory Smart Building Technologies: Sept 21, 2021

Register for E209 Advanced Smart Building Technologies: Oct 21, 2021

For More Information Please Contact:

Leon Wasser, MBA, P.Eng., Director, School of Energy, Resilient World Institute,, (416) 473-4614

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