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  • 27 Apr 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
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WED., APRIL 27, 2022, 12:00-1:30 PM


Please join us on April 27th at 12:00-1:30 pm as OSEA explores the potential of using Geothermal (also better known as GeoExchange) technology in our new and existing communities across Ontario to address our Climate Crisis. Geothermal space conditioning (i.e. Ground Source Heating and Cooling) has long been known to be the most energy efficient way to heat and cool our building stock as stated by the US EPA as far back as 1992. Geothermal technology in use for decades has achieved millions of successful installations in all types of buildings from single family homes to MURBs, and from commercial to institutional buildings worldwide. Geothermal technology has also been embedded in both the Canadian Standards (i.e. CSA 448) and in the Ontario Building Code.   

In the OSEA Geothermal Symposium you will hear from leading companies with expertise in multi-building Geothermal installations in Canada and abroad including ENWAVE Energy, R. Mancini & Associates, and Groundheat International.   The event will also feature a panel of leading experts from ENWAVE Energy, Diverso Energy, Subterra Renewables, and VCIB who will speak to key questions surrounding strategies for rapidly scaling up this technology, overcoming regulatory and financing challenges, all in an effort to electrify our building stock quickly to lower both CO2 emissions and displace thermal energy. 

Introduction, Dan Goldberger, Chair, OSEA Board

Brief Geothermal Community Presentations 

a.      Amy Jacobs, Vice President, ENWAVE Geo Communities, ENWAVE ENERGY

b.      R. Mancini, CEO, R. Mancini & Associates, The HUB

c.      Gino Di Rezze, President, Groundheat International, Rome, Multi-Building Geo Project

Geothermal Expert Panel (30-40 Min

Geo-Communities Panelists

  • Morrigan McGregor, VP Energy Planning & Development, ENWAVE Energy
  • Jessica Rowe Bald, VP Sales, Subterra Renewables
  • Tim Weber, CEO, Diverso Energy
  • Jonathan Frank, Head of Clean Energy, VCIB

Dan Goldberger, Chair, OSEA Board - Moderator

 What is envisioned for the future for Ontario Communities e.g. 500 SFH+ with respect to heating and cooling, MURBs, and especially communities?\

Are Geo-Communities financeable in the near term? Is there interest from equity investors, or debt lenders, Insurance entities (e.g. lower O&M and climate risk etc.) and Life Companies available now?

 What does the Provincial Government need to do to further accelerate community electrification and lower the regulatory burden for Community Geothermal?

Should Ontario follow US ITC model (26% in 2022) and offer additional incentives for Geothermal now found in NYS, Conn., MA? Why or why not?

Summary OSEA Chair (5 Min)

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