OSEA Renewable Natural Gas Webinar

  • 29 Nov 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Zoom Webinar

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Renewable Natural Gas

Free Educational Webinar

Tues, Nov, 29, 2022, 12:00 -1:30 PM



To build a growing and measurable appreciation for what RNG or Biomethane -often referred to as “Carbon Neutral” - can do to assist in managing our growing waste-stream, reduce our carbon emissions, and move us towards a Net Zero / circular economy in Ontario.  Essentially, this Webinar seeks to show how best Ontario can grow the RNG options to green our natural gas supply and distribution more quickly?

Key Audiences Include:

Municipalities that manage / own Green Bins, Landfills, Wastewater Plants, Wood Waste, or in rural areas, oversee / own agricultural (AG waste) land and dairy livestock, and own Fleets
Producers and Merchants of the RNG Industry
Utilities i.e. Enbridge as the transporter, upgrader, and provides financial leverage for RNG
Offtakers’ and their Role in RNG project origination, monetization, and execution

AGENDA & Key Issues:

1.      Welcome and Land Acknowledgement-Dan Goldberger, Chair, OSEA
2.      Overview of the Lifecyle of an RNG Project, & Role of Utilities (15 Min)

John Loncar, P. Eng., M.Eng., MBA, CEM, Specialist RNG Business Dv’t

3.      National Opportunities for RNG in Canada /Ontario Supply and Demand (15 Min)

Canadian Biogas Association—Jennifer Green, Executive Director 4.      Municipal Panel-Moderator:
City of Hamilton, Patricia Leishman, Director GMO/Corp. Asset Mgmt., Dept. of Public Works (30 Min)

How does the Municipality go to tender a project to mitigate risk?
How does the Municipality overcome NIMBY to overcome risk?

How do Municipalities guarantee or optimize RNG feedstocks – waste and green bin etc.?

a.      City of Toronto-Dufferin Organics Processing Project-Shelby Fallis
b.      City of Hamilton, Angela Storey, Waste Management
c.      City of Ottawa, Mike Fletcher, Project Mgr. Climate Change & Resilence

5.      Industry perspectives and partnerships on RNG Projects (30 Min)

How good is the RNG Project’s CI (Carbon Intensity) score?
How can one avoid the Carbon Tax by investing in RNG? Who owns the Carbon Credits?
What is the key obstacle to overcome regarding investing in RNG projects?

How can market participants support the creation a long-term Voluntary program?

Moderator: GHD, Rob Dysiewicz, A GHD Director, B.Arts, RCGC, Global Commercial Innovation Leader –Future Energy

Evergreen Environmental Inc.- –Martin Vroegh, VP Innovation and Renewables, Producer
Clearblue Markets —Mehr Imran, Fuels Analyst  
Power Advisory LLC-Travis Lusney, VP

6.      Wrap Up and Conclusion, Chair OSEA and or John Loncar, Enbridge

For More Information Please Contact:
Dan Goldberger, Chair, 
Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, Dan@Ontario-SEA.org 

(416) 346-7715

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