Green Energy Doors Open Province-Wide GEDO 2023

  • 31 Oct 2023
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Across Ontario




                   TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2023

  Share your passion for sustainable energy by opening your doors to the public!

  Our first post pandemic annual Green Energy Doors Open TM takes place       across Ontario on Tuesday,October 31st after our in-person GEDO 2023 Launch and Net Zero Symposium taking place at Centennial College, Scarborough Campus on Monday, October 30th and we’re asking you to get involved!

  GEDO 2023 is your chance to share your passion, business offerings and         energy projects by becoming an official GEDO 2023 Host site.

  GEDO 2023 hosts are just that: you open the doors and welcome your clients,    prospects neighbours and community to your business or sustainable energy project.

  OSEA will support you in a number of ways, first by promoting our event     generally to the sustainable energy community and the general public.

  In addition, we will be listing and   promoting you through a variety of different   media to help bring visitors to your   doors. We ofcourse welcome and will   support your own efforts to invite your own community, clients and prospects to   your  facility.

  We will also be promoting your participation through OSEA emails and   announcements at our Monday,October 30 OSEA in person symposium at Centennial College.

  GEDO is the initiative of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association that     showcases advancements in the sustainability sector and lifestyle,   demonstrating that Canada is on the path to a 100% clean and sustainable   future.

  To participate in GEDO 2023 please e-mail the attached form to David Katz for more information.

 OSEA expresses special appreciation to our Supporters: Enbridge, Enwave, and our industry members.

   David Katz

  David Katz, Chair, OSEA

                       GEDO 2023 Host Application Form

                     Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Yes, we want to demonstrate our passion for sustainable energy to Ontarians and would like to be

included in Green Energy Doors Open. We agree to participate in this Ontario Sustainable Energy

Association event.

  Organisation Name: ______________________________________

  Primary Contact: ______________________________________

   Email: ______________________________________

   Phone: ______________________________________

   Location: ______________________________________

   Event Description (Excite Visitors!): ______________________________________


   Presentation Time(s) ______________________________________

   Website: _____________________________________

  Important Information:

  OSEA commits to promoting your site but cannot guarantee public participation.

  Your organisation should determine its capacity to host guests. If there are restrictions –      numbers of guests, need for personal protective equipment, security issues – these              should be made clear as part of your marketing and should be share with OSEA as part of our promotion of your site.

  OSEA will not assume any liability for any injuries occurring on your site nor any losses or    claims against you for participating in GEDO 2023. You may want to ensure that you have    sufficient Commercial and General Liability Insurance.

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