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The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association welcomes David Katz as its new Interim Chair. David brings over 40 years of energy experience from his 14 years at Ontario Hydro where he worked on the renewable energy policies and his subsequent years as President of Sustainable Resources Management. He was an early supporter of OSEA and established the first OSEA Yahoo Group to allow OSEA members to network. He has been a member of several energy related associations including, CABA, ESAC, QUEST, ETNO, SEPA, GWAC, IREC and hopes to have OSEA collaborate with them and offer members valuable insight across the sustainable energy spectrum. David’s position will be confirmed at the upcoming OSEA AGM.


The Board of Directors of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association thanks Dan for five years of leadership  for our association. Dan skillfully led the organization through a period of turbulence challenge for our sector. Major achievement during his term included a transformation of OSEA’s Banner Green Energy Doors Open (GEDO), numerous high profile and successful webinars, rebranding of OSEA’s identity and forging and renewing of new sector partnerships. 


Membership in OSEA has many benefits, especially opportunities in the growing area of energy sustainability.

If you have not renewed yet, now is the right time to refresh your commitment to OSEA.

The following are just a few of the benefits of your membership:

  • Listing in OSEA Industry Directory 
  • Listings include with your logo, contact info and full business description
  • Present your products and services at in OSEA events
  • Participate in industry discussions and forums
  • Involvement in issue and industry advocacy
  • Network with other sustainable energy industry leaders
  • Announce your important corporate news in our OSEA newsletters
  • Compete in OSEA annual Green Energy Doors Open competition
  • Opportunity to attend OSEA webinars and live seminars which may qualify for Professional Engineer Ontario Mandatory Continuing Education Program requirements and the training requirements of other professional disciplines. 

Our sector is diversifying and so is our membership and the focus of our activities. Some of the areas of our new and renewed interest include:

  • Building Envelope Improvements
  • Electric Vehicles and Battery Technologies
  • Energy Conservation
  • Energy Efficient and Net Zero New Construction
  • Geo-Exchange & Geothermal Energy
  • Hydrogen Energy & Fuel Cells
  • Renewable Natural Gas
  • Smart Buildings & Smart Cities
  • Solar Photovoltaics
  • Solar Thermal

Our members are drawn from across our sector and increasingly include:

  • Academics
  • Architects
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Contractors
  • Energy Consultants
  • Energy Suppliers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Governments
  • Technology Developers

Please check out our updated lists of benefits of your membership in OSEA and renew your valued membership , or join as a new member today:

 OSEA Membership Benefit Chart


OSEA serves and represents Ontario’s broad and diverse sustainable energy sector. We are industry led, and all of our board leadership is drawn from our sector.

The sustainable energy sector is ever changing, and likewise, our association is continually changing and evolving to address changes in our sector.

OSEA is currently seeking strong candidates for several leadership roles on our Board of Directors and with our various activities.

We need the involvement of individuals who have a broad knowledge and understanding of our sector – visionaries and people who know how to get things done.

We also need Board Members who appreciate and can contribute to all the activities that a major organization needs to succeed and serve its members and the broader vitally important sustainable energy sector.

Do you have knowledge, skills, interest and dedication to make a contribution to OSEA?

Do you have a particular interest that you might want to contribute to OSEA and our sector including in any of the following areas:

  • Advocacy, Policy and Regulatory Issues
  • Industry Affairs and Technology Development
  • Event Development and Leadership
  • Networking and Organizational Outreach
  • Communications and Marketing 

Please let us know of your interest by writing to us about yourselves and why you want to join the leadership of Ontario Sustainable Energy Association.

Email your nomination to David Katz at to begin the process to join our leadership team.

OSEA AGM: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29, 2023, Virtually, 12:00 – 1:00 PM

OSEA’s Annual General Meeting will take place virtually on Wednesday, March 29, 2023, 12:00 – 1:00 pm.

We look forward to your attendance and participation in this year’s event.

More details about the AGM agenda will be communicated as it is finalized.

You can look forward to hear from an interesting and high profile keynote speaker.

If you have any topics that you want the Board’s consideration for inclusion in the AGM please contact David Katz, Interim Chair:


Resilient World Institute offers short intensive professional development courses for the energy sector and is a strategic partner of OSEA. 

Tues, Feb 7, E108 Urban Decarbonization, Renewable Energy & Storage

  • Course covers the policies & technologies to make our cities more green
  • Instructor: Steven Law, P.Eng., Recognized expert and lecturer on green energy and decarbonization
  • Format: Online More Info & Registration on Eventbrite

Tue, Feb 14, E103 Energy Plus Energy Modelling for OBC Part 3 Buildings

  • Course focusses on energy modelling programs for OBC Part 3 buildings
  • Instructor: Adam Barker, International Building Performance Association, Canadian Chapter
  • Format: Onsite More Info & Register on Eventbrite

Wed, Feb 15, E111 The Hydrogen Economy, Production & Application   

  • Learn about advances in and the applications for hydrogen technologies
  • Instructor: Robert Stasko, P.Eng., Executive Director, Hydrogen Business Council
  • Format: Online  More Info & Register on Eventbrite

Mon, Feb 27, E110 COVID Monitoring and Management 

  • Assess and mitigate the risk of COVID transmission is a vital new process
  • Instructor: Lukasz Porosa, PhD, Researcher & inventor of COVID & other pathogen control technologies
  • Format: Online & Onsite, More Info & Register on Eventbrite

Resilient World Institute courses can be considered for Professional Engineers Ontario’s new Mandatory Continuing Professional training requirements.

View other Resilient World Institute courses


David Katz, MBA, Interim Chair

Ontario Sustainable Energy Association

Mobile: (416) 618-4651


Leon Wasser, MBA, P.Eng., Vice-Chair

Ontario Sustainable Energy Association

Mobile: (416) 473-4614