Welcome: Ontario Sustainable Energy Association Update, Dan Goldberger, Chair

Keynote Speaker:

Prospects for the Sustainable Energy Sector

Hon. Todd Smith, Ontario Minister of Energy

Centennial College:

Research office initiatives & current projects

Jordan Wosnick, Manager, Research, and Innovation Engagement

The Accelerator Centre:

Leanne Armstrong, Director, Programs & Client Experience

AC’s Programming and Opportunities for Innovation in the Clean Economy

State of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Sector Panel

Moderator: Tim Doyle, Journalism Professor, Centennial College

  • Murat Basarir, Senior Manager, Sustainable Finance, TD Bank
  • Scott Dodd, Director Business Development, Enbridge
  • Dan Carr, Head, Smart Cities of Alectra’s GRE&T Centre
  • Travis Lusney, Mgr. of Procurement & Power Systems, Power Advisory

GEDO 2021 Top 10 Clean Tech Technologies

Award Presentation: Mary Sye, Vice-Chair, Ontario Sustainable Energy Association

  • Carbon Capture & Storage
  • Carbon Free Technologies
  • Energy Efficiency and Grid Firming
  • Energy Storage
  • Green Buildings
  • Renewable Energy
  • Smart Building
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Transportation
  • Waste to Energy

Winners in each category will be selected by an OSEA panel based on the following criteria:

  1. a)“Ready” for deployment and scale up (beyond “proof of concept” stage)
  2. b)Significantly improving the existing environment, e.g., reduces CO2 and other emissions, reduces waste, and/or improves the move to a circular economy
  3. c)Potentially considered “disruptive” (i.e., positive impact on other industries)

Thank You and Wrap Up:

Leon Wasser, Vice Chair, Ontario Sustainable Energy Association