Happy New Year for a Green 2024

As we enter the new year of 2024, we are pleased to see that the Government of Ontario energy plans include the acceptance of renewable energy and energy storage options. While the IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator) will request competitive bids for large-scale utility size projects, it is expected that incorporating these major Ontario renewable energy projects  will bring down the cost of renewables generally given that  their size will also help lower the costs of renewables on  smaller Ontario projects as renewable industry suppliers return to Ontario and Ontario-based ones, especially our OSEA members, once again have the opportunity to grow and thrive.

OSEA also is following the many other new funding and financing programs for Ontario sustainable energy options including the return of custom retrofit incentives from SaveONenergy.ca and the recently announced Powering Ontario’s Growth that will advance new clean energy generation from a number of renewable energy sources, including solar, hydroelectric and wind.

OSEA is actively monitoring the  progress of these renewable energy initiatives at both the OEB (Ontario Energy Board) that may set the parameters and the IESO that will procure these projects.

As well we are following the Canadian government’s clean energy tax credit regulation development and the funding program for solar rooftop projects as part of the Canada Greener Homes Grant initiative.

OSEA Member Drive Opportunities:

The Low Carbon Economy Challenge

One of OSEA’s  new members, Igor Chigrin, a Business Funding Expert at Fair Grant Writing has informed us that the intake is now open for the Low Carbon Economy Challenge. As OSEA has many members that provide these low carbon technologies, they should share this information with their clients and contacts that have possible projects but were delayed due to financing and funding considerations. Securing this incentive could make it possible for many projects  to move forward.  

The Low Carbon Economy Challenge (the Challenge Fund) leverages Canadian ingenuity to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and generate clean growth. It supports a wide range of Canadian recipients to implement projects that deploy proven, low-carbon technologies resulting in material GHG emissions reduction across sectors.

Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible, projects must result in reduction in GHG emissions in 2030 and align with Canada’s goals for net-zero emissions by 2050.

Projects must also meet other eligibility criteria, such as:

•          capacity to make use of commercially available technology

•          confirmation of project location

•          production of electricity or fuel must be primarily for own use, within the applicant’s or identified partner’s operations (except for projects located in rural or remote communities or for district energy or industrial combined heat-and-power)

Amount: Applicants may request from 25% to 75% of eligible project costs depending on the status of the applicant. The minimum request is $1 million so a profitable applicant will need to have a $4 million project costs.

If you need help with the applying for government funding programs but don’t know where to start or how to prepare an application, fill out the Eligibility Check form at https://www.fairgrantwriting.ca/eligibility to find out.

OSEA welcomes having Igor Chigrin, a Business Funding Expert at Fair Grant Writing join us and help all our OSEA members with the variety of grants and incentives for a green and sustainable future that all levels of government and the utilities are providing.  

New members: OSEA welcomes the new members that joined and those that renewed their membership. One new member is FNnano Canada Inc that provides an amazing nano coating that saves cooling energy and cleans the air while doing it.  We are working together to get the technology accepted by the SaveonEnergy program that has the customs solutions incentive back in the program. It offers $1200/kW of summer peak reductions. See the website at www.fnnano.ca and contact me at david@ontario-sea.org for more information.

Green Building Initiative (GBI) Sustainable Building and Decarbonization Symposium  OSEA was a sponsor for the Green Building Initiative (GBI) Sustainable Building and Decarbonization Symposium in Toronto on May 15th. At this event GBI announced that they are developing a new set of Green Globe Programs for Net Zero Buildings. OSEA has been invited to participate in this development and bring our Canadian perspective to this American led initiative so that the programs will be accepted in both countries.  Initial input was submitted, and pilot projects were requested. There is a second call for Net Zero Program input and projects that our OSEA members can submit to.

Please join OSEA and share your ideas and your input that you can submit at https://thegbi.org/journeytonz with a copy to me at david@ontario-sea.org so we can support the GBI Net Zero programs in Ontario that can bring our OSEA members business.

We had a successful recent in person Beyond Net Zero Symposium that is recorded and available to view at https://youtu.be/6n1MJIlohMU?si=a1iFN7Oydoy9rxk-

The various panels covered the various areas of sustainable energy options that OSEA now will cover. Our initial purpose was to support the Ontario Feed in Tariff many years ago. We now take a holistic approach to all energy options as each has its own attributes and different cost and benefits.

Board Chair Report

We are pleased to welcome Emil AlyevAndrew Halford, R. Anthony Warner and Namiz Nusafer to our growing Board of Directors. The Board meets monthly to develop programs and strategies to serve our OSEA members.

OSEA recently participated in the IESO  Stakeholders Committee meeting to ensure that our sector’s voice is heard and seen.

OSEA is grateful to report the receipt of a generous sponsorship grant from Enbridge, a company that has long supported OSEA. Enbridge has actively been pursuing green energy strategies including through administration of the Canada Greener Homes Grant program, energy from waste, RNG (renewable batural gas) initiatives and hydrogen energy technology development.

OSEA’s membership continues to grow but there are still a large number of our newsletter subscribers who have not yet joined or rejoined OSEA officially through paid membership. If you are part of the sustainable energy sector, OSEA is your voice and your ally, and we need you to be become an active member of our team to better serve our vitally important industry. In addition, we continue to increase the range of the benefits you can leverage through your investment in OSEA membership. Click here to make a modest investment in your business and become part of OSEA today!

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering to become more active in OSEA. Areas of activity that we would like to see more support for include:

  • Event Planning & Hosting
  • Communications and Outreach
  • Information Technology Management
  • Membership Recruitment
  • Committee Work
  • Board of Directors 

Ontario’s sustainable energy community is large, and we need far more like-minded individuals, companies, and organizations to affiliate with us for our voice to be effectively heard, and our sustainable energy sector to prosper. Now is the best time to join OSEA as a member or as a sponsor.

David Katz, MBA, Chair

Ontario Sustainable Energy Association


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