Short Summary of Remarks Delivered by the

Honourable Todd Minister Smith, MPP< Ontario Minister of Energy

to the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association

Originally delivered on October 27, 2021

Ontario’s energy advantage is based in large part on our diverse supply mix. Our grid is 94% emissions-free, thanks to solar, wind, bioenergy, nuclear, and hydroelectric power. The jobs in these sectors and across the supply chain are critical to Ontario’s strong economy.

We’re focused on supporting consumers, to make sure that life is affordable. A primary objective of ours is helping consumers save on electricity in sustainable ways. That’s why our government has funded a series of energy efficiency initiatives, so individuals, families, businesses and farms can save costs on their electricity bills through retrofits and conservation.

I’m particularly excited by the prospect of community net metering, through which a community can generate its own electricity using renewable sources and send power exceeding their needs to the grid for a credit on their electricity bill. This innovative model gives customers more options to manage their energy use while building more sustainable communities. The Green Button standard also presents opportunities for ratepayers to readily access information on their electricity consumption, and make choices to help reduce their energy use, while finding savings.

I thank the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association for your continued advocacy on the power of renewable energy. The ingenuity of your members, in areas such as clean technology and energy storage, is helping Ontario emerge as a clean energy frontier in the global pursuit to reduce emissions.