11 Jun 2018 2:16 PM | Obie Agusiegbe
On Thursday, June 7, 2018, the people of Ontario elected a new provincial Progressive Conservative government, and based on the final results, the party earned a strong mandate to implement the policy proposals which they campaigned. The PC campaign platform included a number of proposed measures which if fully implemented, may have significant impacts on the members of OSEA. Electoral campaigns are dynamic processes where political positions evolve, and this election was particularly volatile, therefore, so any electoral pronouncements made in the heat of a campaign should be regarded judiciously since they can be amended once a government takes the reigns of power and are in a better position to assess all the implications and nuances of specific policy direction. In addition, what we, the public, understand about policy positions is subject in large part to the filters applied by the media, as it tries to interpret complex issues. Given all these caveats, we believe that there are several PC platform positions that OSEA’s members should be aware of that if implemented can impact our sector including the following proposals:
  • ·         Cancellation of the Ontario Green Energy and Economy Act (2009)
  • ·         Cancellation of the Cap and Trade system for Green House Gas (GHG) emissions
  • ·         Changes to the leadership of Hydro One
  • ·         Reduction of electrical power prices for some sectors
  • ·         Reduction in taxes on gasoline fuel

OSEA’s mandate is to promote the sustainable use of energy in all of its forms.  Our energy sector must be sustainable environmentally, but it also must be sustainable physically and economically. In this sense we share the government’s concern that our economy relies on an energy sector that meets all of society’s needs. It may be recalled that the words ecology and ecology both come from the same root, the Greek word oikos, which relates to family and home. It is in the interest of all of the citizen’s of Ontario that we maintain an energy system that keeps our homes and families served with sustainable energy we all need to maintain the lifestyle that we all aspire to. To this end, the board of directors of OSEA have taken the following measures to help foster and champion the virtue of the sustainable energy sector in Ontario:

  • ·         OSEA started a membership drive to encourage the participation of even more sector members
  • ·         OSEA is implementing a member survey to solicit input about how we can be more effective
  • ·         OSEA began an outreach program to partner with other organizations with complimentary goals
  • ·         OSEA is now advocating for export opportunities for sustainability technologies and expertise
  • ·         Green Energy Doors Open will be celebrated across Ontario the weekend of September 22-23
  • ·         OSEA initiated planning for our annual 2019 Powering for Prosperity – our sector’s gala event

Most of all, we want to strengthen our relationship with all of our members, partners and friends in order to build on all the successes of the Ontario sustainable energy sector, and work hard to realize the incredible potential of all the members of our dynamic and diverse sector.

Signed By:

The Board, Ontario Sustainable Energy Association


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