Upcoming Projects

  • OSEA is working with Polaron Solartech on a concept for solar PV deployed on greenhouses in northern, remote, and Indigenous communities to help displace diesel fuel in off-grid electricity generation and diesel and other fuels in food production and/or transportation. This will have the added benefit of increasing food security for these communities. Opportunities for synergistic reduction of GHG emissions, food security and food and energy costs will be examined and communicated via workshops.
  • OSEA is looking for the opportunity to partner with the "Taking Back Our Food Chain Building Capacity in Remote Communities" project and event in Sioux Lookout, which is investigating food accessibility, distribution and development opportunities in remote and northern communities. This is a project of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, which also funds the Northern Fruit and Vegetable Program Expansion Program. This would further expand on the connections between and opportunities in GHG reduction, new energy technologies and food issues in these communities.

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