OSEA recently completed a re-branding effort that has resulted in a new website.  Given the ongoing changes to the Ontario sustainable energy landscape, OSEA’s Board decided a new logo was in order, and would need to capture the “rebirth” of the sustainable energy sector in Ontario. Thus, the new OSEA logo bears a butterfly symbol signifying this new era as we collectively transition to a Net Zero economy.  This transition will likely take longer than most people would like, possibly decades beyond the 2030 target enunciated by various levels of our government. The move to electric vehicles in Ontario is continuing but will take longer for OEMs to produce them, EV distribution networks to become ubiquitous and for consumers to embrace them. 

Renewables continue to be deployed to reduce the peak emissions from natural gas plants. New technologies are emerging rapidly such as Green Hydrogen, complementing the continued growth of Geothermal in our building stock, and the wider use of Renewable Natural Gas and Biofuels to reduce methane from landfills and agri-waste.  Energy Storage primarily in batteries coupled with Solar has become essential in the deployment of commercial ready renewables. Energy Efficiency in our existing and new building stock will continue to be the first option we should always consider. The end result should be a cleaner approach to our increasing use of energy in Ontario as our population and economy grows, and a collective contribution to a cleaner climate.  

OSEA continues to be an ongoing force by holding content rich webinars on wide ranging topics, and holding the annual Green Energy Doors Open event to showcase Ontario’s leading and emerging sustainable energy technologies and companies. OSEA engages with the IESO via the Ontario Energy Board to increase the deployment of distributed generation on the grid. OSEA is involved in the improved regulations for Geothermal, participated in the Hydrogen Technology Roadmap, and has had other recent consultations with the Province.  

Please join us on September 28th for the all day GEDO 2022 events and consider becoming an OSEA corporate member.

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