Meet the Judges

Paul Cairns, Executive Director, SMARTNet Alliance

Since he was young, Paul Cairns has had a drive to make a difference in the world and was an active member in my High School Environmental Club, The YMCA Youth Leader Corps, Scouts and Sea Cadets in my teens, and inspired me to pursue an education in Mechanical Engineering.

Out of University, he worked for Natural Resources Canada as a Research Engineer developing technologies aimed at reducing the environmental impact of fossil fuels. His passion and drive for sustainability led him to found a not-for-profit organization called Buildings for a Better Future (BFABF). As president of BFABF, he partnered with SMARTNet Alliance and OSEA to help organize Green Energy Doors Open (GEDO) 2016 in the Ottawa region. He was a critical component of its success.

His hard work and dedication led him to being offered a job as Executive Director of SMARTNet Alliance. Since then, he has gone on to be a key component in advocacy for the Green Energy Economy, served on the GEDO National Planning Committee, hosted Green Drinks in Ottawa, and led many other community events. His hard work and dedication to the cause led him to being invited onto the board of OSEA where he continues his mission to advance Canada’s transition to the Sustainable Economy.

Mary Sye, Marketing and Program Manager, Enbridge Gas

Mary has over 25 years of experience in the new construction industry. With her most recent position at Enbridge Gas Dist. as Program Manager New Commercial Construction, she promotes and encourages builders/developers to participate in Enbridge’s Savings by Design.

Mary also works with the builder community on a provincial level with OHBA, Board of Director of Sustainable Buildings Canada and OSEA, previously served on the Board of Directors of the Niagara Home Builders Association, BILD board of directors, and stakeholder for Toronto Green Standards as well as involved with numerous municipal energy plans.

Living the credo “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” She has been involved with Niagara Women Build for Habitat for Humanity, Toronto Habitat for Humanity, EnerQuality, CAMH, founding member of WINC (women in construction) and currently a volunteer within Toronto Big Sisters organization.

Leon Wasser, President, Wasser Resoruces Inc.

Leon Wasser MBA, P.Eng. is President of Wasser Resources Inc. which develops, commercializes and distributes a broad portfolio of energy conservation, renewable green energy and green smart building products, technologies and services.

Leon worked with Canadian green energy technology developers including the manufacturers of Canada’s first solar energy systems, as well as the Canadian developers of solar photovoltaic building integrated roofing shingles, micro-wind turbines, and many other renewable technologies. Leon has also worked with global technologies for run-of-river and ocean wave hydroelectric technologies. Most recently, Leon has become very involved in hydrogen fuel cell power technologies, an area where Canada leads internationally.

Leon has also been involved in the development of and commercialization of power conservation technologies including nanotech solar window coatings, power quality remediation systems, unique building envelope enhancement technologies, and numerous lighting technologies.

Leon is a veteran environmental leader. At York University he led many campus-wide green initiatives including Canada’s largest non-municipal recycling program, a light pollution mitigation program, port-a-mug and residence students tote bag programs and the York University Green Transportation Plan. Currently he is pioneering the commercialization of a unique Canadian developed indoor aquaponics technology and with the developer of a mercury pollution mitigation technology.

Academically, Leon won the Schulich School of Business Schulich Teaching Excellence Award, helped design the Centennial College Integrated Energy Program and is a founding member of the York University International Renewable Energy Institute. He lectures and writes professionally on sustainability and energy issues. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering from McGill University and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business and is licenced as a Professional Engineer by Professional Engineers Ontario.

Leon serves on several boards including Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (Policy Co-Chair), Ontario Foundation for Engineering Education, Professional Engineers Ontario Toronto-Humber Chapter (Advocacy Chair). He was an industry association representative to the Government of Ontario for Organic Day (Organic Council of Ontario) and Environment Day (Ontario Environmental Industries Association) at Queens Park.

Janis Wilkinson, Interim Executive Director, OSEA

Janis Wilkinson has been a positive force in the Canadian Solar PV sector for the past decade. She is best known for fostering high performing management teams, while overseeing sector growth of solar PV adoption and public education on renewable energy

Janis is a tireless and effective advocate for renewable energy. She has had measureable success advancing the renewable energy agenda with the public, as well as with corporate and government audiences.

Recently, Janis has leveraged her knowledge and experience from the private sector PV solar space to further benefit the renewable sector. She has assumed the role of Interim Executive Director of the Ontario Sustainable Association of Ontario (OSEA’s). Her goal is to realign OSEA’s operations to make it responsive to the changed dynamics in the industry.

Janis is an industry builder, with a history of contributing to the bottom line of companies while growing consumer, corporations and governments knowledge and support for sustainability.

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